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The Cabo Hurricane Fund launching reconstruction of up to 50 housing units in poor neighborhoods.

Cabo San Lucas, May 14, 2015

Exactly eight months ago today, Los Cabos was battered by the most powerful hurricane to hit Baja California Sur in half a century, and the most destructive ever, with damages estimated at $1.2 billion. From posh tourist resorts to popular neighborhoods, the devastation and destruction was widespread and considerable. But while hotels were protected by comprehensive insurances, hundreds if not thousands of family in the poorest neighborhood just lost everything. Not only did they lose the roof over their head, they lost all their possessions, often including even their clothes.

Government and non-profit organizations were prompt to jump in to address the most pressing needs: food, water, clothing, and temporary shelter, but while the tourist zone recovery is almost complete, this is far from the case in the poorest neighborhood. The Cabo Hurricane Fund is dedicated to rebuilding with focus on these poorest neighborhoods.

Meet the #CaboStrong Families We’re SupportingThe Cabo Hurricane Fund is a unique collaboration between community-based organizations in Cabo San Lucas and the global community that supports relief and rebuilding efforts in the wake of Hurricane Odile. The fund operates under the leadership of the Grassroots Global Development Foundation, an international grant making foundation that provides financial and strategic support to locally led, community based organizations who are serving women and children impacted by poverty.

In a press conference held at the Sheraton on May 6, the Cabo Hurricane Fund laid out an ambitious project of construction or repair of up to 50 housing units in the most vulnerable areas of Los Cabos. The Fund partnered with CAPA Lab and other agencies to complete the housing projects. CAPA Lab, a collective of Architects, Urbanists, Landscapers, Designers, Artist Permaculture, Biologist, etc. acts as a project manager- participating and coordinating- with a focus on develop viable actions tightly related to its landscape, territory, art, architecture, culture and society.

ICasa O sustainable social housingsaac Garcia, Reconstruction Project Manager, presented Casa-O housing prototype, designed for self-construction in rammed earth with a construction cost of under US$10,000. The project creates a sustainable, flexible and adaptable housing model , prone to smart growth.

6 building permits have been delivered to date in the colonias Gastelum and Tierra Libertad, with up to 50 more projected over the coming months. Construction started on the first project for delivery in July. Completion for the first phase of up to 50 housing units is projected for October, with 25 to 505 being new construction, and the balance being reconstruction and repair.

While impressive, this will be far from meeting the needs on the ground, as the fund has received over 300 applications to date, with total need probably well beyond. Applications are processed through approved community-based organizations working with the Cabo Hurricane Fund. The granting process must deal with thorny issues such as poorly documented land-ownership or construction in high-risk zones and invasions.

ContributeThe Cabo Hurricane Fund can use all the help it can get and welcomes all donations at A goal of US$500,000 has been set that is only 48% complete. We encourage all those who live in Baja California Sur or love the place to contribute to its reconstruction.

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