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Online presence creation & management

Affordable solutions to the marketing challenges of the 21st century.

Development and maintenance of internet presence

In an age when there are more cellular phones than human on our planet, when users spend more time online than on all other media COMBINED, and user-generated content drives consumer choices, any business that ignore the internet and social medias is doing so at its own risk, the risk of obsolescence that is.


This being said, creating an effective web-presence is far from straightforward, as the web-landscape keeps evolving constantly and the rules of the game keep changing rapidly.


Position your web platform at the center of your digital universe

Establish a strong web presence through a powerful web platform closely connected to and interfaced with social medias.

Organize all of your social properties

Set a web platform for user interactivity and cross-promotion

Celebrities gallery when applicable

While the influence of social media is larger than ever, web marketers know all too well that they have very little control of their social content. Posts to Facebook have a shelf life of just few hours, while tweets last less than 1 hour. Therefore, a strategy solely focused on social media gives away all control to the Facebooks and Twitters of the world.


The web-development strategy of aims to let you retain control of your web presence and create an ecosystem that stimulates the creation of user-generated content. To that effect, we position your internet platform at the center of your digital universe. Ideally, all content fed into the social networks should originate from your web platform and/or refer back/return to your web platform. In other words:

·         Most of your posts should originate from your web platform, giving you better control of your social content. This has multiple benefits such as:

o   Avoid replication of efforts: create once, post to many social networks

o   Easy reusability of your most performing content

o   Easy updating

·         Most of your posts should link back to your web platform: while it is in Facebook and Twitter’s best interest to keep traffic on their platforms, it is in your best interest to bring traffic to your own platform.


Basic Responsive Bilingual Website (English & Spanish) with browser language detection: US$2,000  + IVA if invoiced in Mexico

Work may be invoiced from a US corporation or a Mexican Corporation

Terms: 1/3 to start the project - ⅓ when the site is well advanced - balance on delivery

Hosting account must be opened and domain must be registered prior to starting the project.

Price includes content creation and editing of up to 20 pages and up to 2,000 words

Please note that this quote is for a standard website as described below.

Extra charges may be added after evaluation of your specific needs and requirements, such as Advanced functionalities.

The provided training should allow a reasonably computer literate worker to perform routine maintenance, content creation and basic social sharing.

Access and control:

Client get complete access and control to his webpage and related social networks. All accounts will be registered under your own name.

  • Registrar

  • Host

  • backend access/Wordpress admin

  • Facebook, Twitter, Google, Pinterest, etc.

What is included

What is not included

Responsive: your site will be designed to look good on cellular phones and tablets

Multilingual-ready with browser language detection

Professional translation of your content up to 2,000 words

All navigation and menus (up to 20 pages)


All formatting and optimization of your content


Blogging platform


Media gallery platform




Comments and ratings


All social network interfaces with the major social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Linkedin)

Online chat optional (basic = free,  advanced = $50.00)

Basic editing of your content (spelling and grammar)


SEO-ready, with all meta-tags


Top quality backlinking



We will provide in site basic training of your staff and teach them how to do content creation (blog or media entries) and basic backend and frontend operations.

For peace of mind, clarity and transparency, all extra charges must be pre-approved ($15/year and up, often included in hosting)

Your own hosting account

·         basic bare bone packages starting at $3.95/month

·         more realistic packages start at $100/year


Content creation (text, images, video, etc.) besides content included in quote


Professional editing of your content besides content included in quote


Advanced functionalities

  • Advanced social sharing features

  • Reservations

  • Ecommerce, including music store

  • Real Estate

  • Classified


Advanced training


Social network campaigns


Email campaigns




Features of our web platforms:

All our websites are Content Management System (CMS) websites and offer the ability to easily manage and update all content, images, and text.


Multilingual ready

with browser language detection


The site looks good on any device, from laptop to tablets and mobile devices

Easy to navigate

with superb usability and functionality


Webpages are updated in real time – avoid the embarrassment of announcing a past event for instance

Social interactivity

with site visitors: Social like, share, subscribe & comment

integrated blog platform

User-friendly blog platform allows you to easily create and diffuse content on your website. If you know how to use MS word, you can create blogs for your site. It’s that easy.

Online chat

Great to engage your visitors - available on demand

Search Engine Optimized


Engaging and interactive


Contact and followers

subscribers management

Comments and rating


User-friendly back-end

allowing businesses to easily post media, blog entries, events or announcements to their web-visitors and customers.


to monitor traffic and efficiency


Possibility to have infinite number of pages and blog entries

Capacity to add additional features as desired


Extra training options

  • Marketing techniques for social networks with demo and examples (3 hours)

  • Marketing for mass mailings (3 hours)

  • Blogging (3 hours)

Cost per module is US$100 or $250 for all modules


Even more than traditional forms of marketing, an effective digital marketing strategy requires a strong commitment. While building an effective online platform is a necessary first step, it is just a first step, and requires proper maintenance.

We will train your staff to do basic maintenance, such as content creation and posting, and offer flexible and personalized maintenance plans adapted to your business.

We can take care of your site maintenance. Personalised maintenance plans are available from 2,000 pesos/month

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