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Destination: Baja Sur Reports 2016 A Huge Success And Launches 2017 Season With Largest Fishing/Travel Tv Audience In The World!

Destination Baja Sur is a 26-week prime time television series aired on NBC Sports, the Pursuit Channel, World Fishing Network and Wild TV Africa starting in January, 2016. 

Bill Boyce, Executive Producer of the hugely successful television series DESTINATION: BAJA SUR hosted a press conference at the Don Sanchez Restaurant in San Jose del Cabo on Thursday, April 7th.

In attendance where members of the local press, area dignitaries, government officials and several 2016 series sponsors.

Bill stated: “We are overwhelmed by the viewer numbers we are seeing in just the first 2 months of airings. I wanted to come here in person so I could personally share this great news with you, those who helped us launch our first year of the series.” Mr. Boyces’ then read a comment from NBC Sports, one of the Six Networks showcasing the series: “Destination: Baja Sur is pulling numbers better that many of the shows that have been on our network for years.”

For the first 2 months, NBC Sports reported 48,000 - 55,000 viewers per week (One airing) while the PURSUIT Channel registered 90,000 - 108,000 viewers a week (Four airings). Based on these actual numbers, Mr. Boyce is projecting that the first 6 months of airings will bring DESTINAION: Baja Sur in front of over 4 Million actual viewers.

Mr. Boyce further commented: “When you factor in the World Fishing Network and Wild TV Africa, who will be airing the series during the 26 Weeks of Q3 and Q4, it brings into the census an additional 100,000 Views per week. This translates into a total of over 6 million actual viewers by the end of the first season.”

The inaugural season of Destination: Baja Sur has seen huge viewing numbers and the prospects for Season 2 looks even brighter. Mr. Boyce went on to announce: “Our staff and I have worked hard to make this first season successful. But we won’t stop there. Our goal is to make Season 2 bigger and Better. To help us in achieving that goal, I am extremely pleased to announce that we are adding CBS Sports as well as Discovery-Destination America to our list of network partners thereby expanding our world-wide reach by 67,000,000 additional homes. This is a 58% Increase over last year.”

These additions will give Destination: Baja Sur the largest television Travel/Fishing show audience in the world. “We now offer our sponsors a total of 7 Networks with a minimum of 390 airings as well as increased weekend time slots.” Bill went on to add: “And if that is not enough, Amazon Prime, with over 24,000,000 viewers will offer Destination; Baja Sur “on demand” to their members, anytime, anywhere in the world.”

To expand on the television entertainment value brought by the Series Destination: Baja Sur, Season 2, will utilize the 160’ mother ship, “Pacific Provider” as its main prop for filming. Featured ports along the Sea of Cortez will include La Paz, Puerto Los Cabos, and Cabo San Lucas. With her decks adorned by 5 Center console boats, the filming crew will also have access to remote fishing locations allowing the Series to feature seldom, if ever before filmed areas along the Sea Of Cortez, bringing to life the excitement romanticized by the likes of authors Ray Cannon and John Steinbeck.

Bill Boyce concluded: “With valid credential in hand and an imaginative and exciting Season 2 ready to launch, Destination: Baja Sur is poised to become to World-wide voice of Baja Sur. We welcome the task and are proud to be a showcase for the people, beauty and excitement that is the Baja.”

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