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Be YOU (tiful) fashion show

Sarahuaro Foundation held a press conference on Friday April 8 at Macondo Bookstore Cafe, Plaza Walmart in Cabo San Lucas to announce their upcoming fundraising event, the Be YOU (tiful) fashion show.

Adriana Camarena, Executive Director, Susana Pliego, Program Director and Pepita Nelson, fashion designer and owner of Magic of the Moon introduced their very different fashion show concept.

The Be YOU (tiful) fashion-show aims to celebrate women, who they are, and their beauty. 20 models of all ages will feature the creations and designs of Pepita's Magic of the Moon with Pepita’s signature explosion of colors.

The motto of the show is: “All women are beautiful, as they are. Love yourself the way YOU are.”

The event will include a delicious selection of appetizers and snacks, loads of fun, and a feel-good vibe for helping out! Raffle tickets will be sold during the runway for different items including gift certificates, jewelry and artwork.

Event schedule:

April 22, 4-8 pm

Casa Kokomo, Calle Padre Sistiaga no 188, Puerto Los Cabos, SJC.

Ticket price: $USD 48.00

Tickets are available online or at the following places:

1.- Magic of the moon.

2.- Salomons landing, Cabo San Lucas

3.- Galeria Pez Gordo at Palmilla

4.- Villa Valentina, San Jose

More information about the event

About Sarahuaro Foundation:


Sarahuaro Foundation Mission

The mission of Fundación Sarahuaro is to temporarily support women through educational activities, in order to develop skills that enable them to improve themselves, their families, and their community.

We achieve this mission primarily by offering classes and workshops at our community centers. These courses are typically 3 months long, and cover a range of topics including basic life skills, language and literacy, and job training.

Sarahuaro Foundation Story

Sarahuaro was founded in 2005 by two friends from Los Cabos who had a vision of bringing better education to women living in the colonias. What began as simple classes in life skills and artisanal work grew into a popular program for women impacted by poverty. After obtaining the Mexican nonprofit status of “Civil Association” (AC), Sarahuaro was able to increase its reach to more communities.

Sarahuaro signifies friendship and community. The “saguaro” cactus is a typical feature of the Baja landscape, where the desert meets the sea. A cactus is able to support life and prosper in the midst of a challenging environment, much like the women who make up the Sarahuaro programs.

Today, Sarahuaro offers a variety of educational opportunities for women in San Jose and San Lucas. The addition of the La Cocina program in 2012 addresses the health and food security issues faced by the majority of Sarahuaro women and their children.


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