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Fete de la Musique: the world largest musical event of the year

Fete de la Musique, the world largest musical event of the year, is coming back to Los Cabos for its 8th edition. This year celebration will include 22 stages and over 150 bands and musicians from all over Baja California Sur, as well as mainland Mexico.

"After Party" will be held in the Cuervo's Piano Bar Boulevard Mijares Eastern Cape corner in downtown San Jose from 1:00 am with music by Alex Corn (Uruguay) Funk & House and Carlos Varela (Guadalajara ) Electropical. It will cost $ 50 pesos with a beer included.

Do not drink and drive

As for accommodation the Festival of Music offers some discount hotels and "Camping Official" will be in the sports club located on av Punto Azul. Centenario and Morelos a few blocks from downtown. The cost is $ 100 pesos per person and $ 25 for Auto, includes use of pool, restrooms and showers.
And finally, it is collecting used clothing in good condition for creating the stage based VIVARTE recycling. The clothing collection centers for the scenario are: Syriaccus Bar, World University Los Cabos, Tropical Furs, Kinesis Gym, Gym Rosarito. The final destination of all collected are poor people.

All the bands:

Donlagrima, Marea Roja, Los Herederos, Billy Calavera, The Walksider, Último Minuto,
Hatred Spawn, Synapsis, Houston Flow, Kolor, Wizard, Bacwe & Wagnner, Supernova,
Pani-Hari, The Walksiders, Sonido Junior, Sonidero Kallejero Los Cabos, Cosmic Deal,
Sonido La Frecuencia, Karkage, Por Nuestras Viudas, Post Kaput, Ravells, Black Velvet,
Nepo, Cromwell, DJ Eduardo Bernal, Lunacústica, Shikitita Bella and The Handome Guys,
Aceboy Dj & Promoter, Tony y su Mecánica, Chachin Bling, The Wall, Effy Logan, La
Poronga, Jhonny rockstar, The Jexs, Yololol, Damnatus, Mechanical Hydra, Tohtem,
Percubeta, Mc Logico y Pablo Percusiones, Raynaud Hernández y Antares, Percusion
Limanya, Harley, Lúnula, Sonido Llanto Antillano, Vic Dylan Cash, Sak b'e, Hellracer,
Colectivo U, Galvan Groove, Corner Spiders, Jaqueline García, Flip ska, Gama Reyes,
Ubaldo, Kheperu, Los Malnacidos, Grupo Imponente, Alex Maiz, IUMI, Bahía Beat,
Percusión, Lucky M, Okimi, Pollo Beatness, Salt & Pepper, Alex Navarro, Antares, Carlos
Rosas, Rick Sotelo, Black Velvet, Dj Hard Tour, DJ b3AT fM, Dj nigga, Jimmy Frog, Yellow
Fingers, Los atrevidos, Por nuestras viudas, Chorizo con Huevo, Los Shavalones,
Irremediables, Actitud SR, Miguel Fisher, Oco Martínez, Jaime Martínez, VIco Caballero, La
mancha, Zoma, Deconstructor, Epidemia, Yber, Defer MC, Zybick, Filer MC, Regan, Ney
REnter, Zykre, Azner, CBL & the L.A., Shooter, Vik Pichardo, Alin Albescu, B.G.M, Merak
Trance It, Kheperu, Alex Moon y muchos más.

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