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If you love Baja California Sur, you will love!, the place on the Internet where you can find out about all the events in all of Baja California Sur.  

Baja California Sur is famous for its natural beauty but is often perceived as a cultural desert. However, much is happening in Baja Sur, but most people do not know about it. The main objective of is to remedy this situation. is the place on the Internet where you can find out about all the events of Baja California Sur, and where you can make your reservations and buy you tickets from your computer or from your cellular phone.

Looking for a concert? A festival, a sports event, a zumba or yoga workshop, a conference, a festival? You will find it all in! You like rock music, Norteña music or opera? You want to discover something new? is the place for you! is an integrated platform for the management and promotion of events, which is a web site and a mobile app, all in one. From now on, all events throughout the Baja California Sur from Guerrero Negro to Los Cabos are only 1 click from your computer or from your mobile device - smartphone or tablet.

So, we invite you to explore and discover all that is happening in Baja California Sur.

Welcome on board!

Are you an event professional? is the most comprehensive platform for attendees as well as for event professionals. Please do not hesitate to contact us for the promotion of your own events.

Join the Facebook group, where you can view all the events of Baja California Sur, networks with other Baja lovers, and announce your own events.

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