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The Spirits of Mexico await you in El Triunfo on Saturday March 3rd

Mark your calendar for Saturday March 3rd when the Spirits of the Desert distilled from agave in clay and stone ovens - Tequilas, Mezcales, Sotol, Bacanora and Raicilla - will be awaiting you in the charming ancient mining town of El Triunfo, paired with scrumptious samples of local food.

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Whether you live in Baja Sur or are just visiting, El Triunfo is the place to go. Located 45 minutes South of La Paz and 2 hours North of Los Cabos in the southern B.C.S. mountains, El Triunfo in its heydays was the largest town of Southern Baja with over 10,000 inhabitants by the end of the 19th century. It retains to this day its aura of past glamor.

Silver and gold were discovered in the southern B.C.S. mountains in 1862, attracting miners from Mexico, the US, Europe and even China in a new episode of the gold rush. The British and Chinese cemeteries are now one of the town’s attraction.

With prosperity, El Triunfo turned into a cultural center for music and dance. Pianos and other instruments were brought in from all over the world, the remnants of which have been preserved in the Museo de la Música Nicolás Carrillo, named after its former - much beloved- curator who passed away 2013.

The mines were flooded during the hurricane of 1918 and shut down in 1926. Most people left, and the town fell into crumbling oblivion, the colonial brick building fell into disrepair and the desert and its cactuses took over the now ghost town.

Remnants of mining activity can be found across a small bridge from the town center, with old mining equipment, brick ruins, and old smokestacks, the largest one being the 47 meters tall “La Ramona” designed by Gustav Eiffel.


The Capilla de Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe, built at the end of the XIX century is also quite remarkable with its baroque architecture.

Finally, few kilometers North of town is the 50-hectare Santuario de los Cactus, an ecological reserve home to endemic cacti and plants found only in this part of the world.

El triunfo has gone through a revival over the past 10 years, and is being slowly restored with old buildings converted to nice restaurants, cafes and boutiques. While tourist traffic has definitely picked up, El Triunfo keeps its charm and appeal.

Don’t miss the opportunity to discover or rediscover the truly magical town of El Triunfo on Saturday March 3rd. Click to reserve you space online to experience the Spirits of Mexico

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