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Fiesta de la Música Los Cabos, Saturday June 23, the largest musical event of Baja California Sur

Every year around Summer Solstice, over 850 cities in 120 countries all over the world join the largest musical celebration on earth, la fête de la Musique, World Music Day. For the 10th consecutive year, Los Cabos will join this global celebration with the Fiesta de la Música Los Cabos, the largest musical event of Baja California Sur on Saturday June 23. La Fiesta will feature over 100 musical projects reflecting the widest range of musical genre, where dominates all the latin rhythms, Cumbia, bachata, merengue, salsa, pop latino, rock, jazz, hip hop, huapango, reggaeton, norteño, banda, ranchero, jarocho, and all sorts of fusions, starting with the norteño-techno fusion of this year’s stellar group, Panoptica Orchestra.


"The festival of all and for all" will feature more than 100 musical projects, local, national and international artists, among which:

Stellar band Panoptica Orchestra, the new project of musician Roberto Mendoza, founder of the legendary Nortec, the fusion of electronics, norteño, post-punk, jazz and world music.

Color Hermano, a perfect mix of reggae, funk and groove, combined with a feeling in each letter that will make you fall in love.

Ti Nahui from Monterrey. 'From Norteño to reggae, cumbia and huapango !!

Los Herederos, the rhythm different of Los Cabos, an Afro-Latin-Mex musical dialogue

Percusión Limanya, a musical path between Guinea and Mexico

The sky promise to be clear, and the night will be hot! Get ready to dance through the night in a great musical journey.



The fiesta will start on Thursday June 21 with a pre-party at Papalote Beach-Bar and Friday 22 at Macca Pasta Bar, and will be followed by an After Party at Just One More Resto/Bar.

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