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The aftermath of Hurricane Odile: Back to some normality

Just 4 days after the worst disaster to hit Baja California in general and Los Cabos in particular, things are getting back to some kind of normality. This should be welcome news to the stressed out and frightened population of Los Cabos in particular.

The security situation in Los Cabos should get back under control with the arrival of 1,000 elements of police:

“A thousand federal safety elements, the newly formed Gendarmerie, along with state, municipal and elements of the armed forces, launched a joint operation to inhibit the actions of plunder in areas affected by Hurricane Odile, announced Secretary General of Government Andrés Córdova Urrutia. There will be zero tolerance.”

Phone services have been 100% restored

Power is coming back on quickly, especially in La Paz.

ATMs are back up in La Paz, with long lines.

Peña Nieto will visit Baja Sur and Los Cabos for the second time this week to supervise the actions that were implemented to help the population

On the flip side, Polo is now a category 1 hurricane, heading towards Los Cabos, although it should spare us and move away into the Pacific. is a great source of information at this stage. Check it out for regular updates.

I would like to salute the efficiency of our state and federal government, as well as the CFE and Telmex. Considering the extent of the damage, the speed of recovery is nothing short of remarkable! This contrasts sharply with the apparent collapse of the local government of Los Cabos.

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