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Hurricane Odile aftermath day 5: Massive federal deployment to ensure security

The Mexican Federal Government has taken control of the security in Los Cabos. The interior Secretary, Miguel Angel Osorio Chong, will remain in the area until security is fully restored. He announced that over 8,000 Federal agents of the secretariats of Defense, Navy and Federal Police have been deployed to ensure safety in the state, most of them in Los Cabos. They have been divided into quadrants to provide security in the las colonias and fraccionamientos.

The official warned that security measures will be maintained every day and during the next few weeks, as long as necessary. "no element of any of the corporations will be moved" assured Secretary Chong.

Furthermore, Secretary Chong is in communication with business owners, shopping centers, micro, small and medium enterprises in Los Cabos to provide the security required for them to reopen their businesses and serve the public.

A “virtual curfew” has been established from 10:00 pm (by virtual, they mean that it is strongly recommended that people to stay home after 10:00 pm).

EPN commits to revive BCS

President Peña Nieto, accompanied by his secretaries of the Interior, SECTUR, Ministry of Defense, SEMAR, SEDESOL, Health, SHCP, SEMARNAT, SCT, SAGARPA and the directors of the CFE and the National Water Commission, as well as the Mayor, Esther Ponce Beltran and Governor Marcos Covarrubias, visited various zones affected by hurricane Odile, including La Paz, Todos Santos and Los Cabos.


President Peña Nieto announced to the sudcalifornians support for their homes as well as their businesses and said that beyond just recovering to the previous conditions, the urban image of La Paz and Todos Santos will be improved. President Pena Nieto is scheduled to return to Los Cabos today, Friday 19.

EPN also announced a program of community kitchens and temporary job creation to accelerate cleanup and recovery, and to stimulate the local economy.

Other (mostly good) news:

Bye Bye Polo!The transpeninsular is open to Santa Rosalia.

Power is back on in parts of Cabo

Polo downgraded to tropical storm, seems headed out to sea. We won’t miss it! It will still dump substantial amounts of water on the area.

Agua potable should be reestablished within 1 week.

Considering the extent of the damage to the power grid, full restoration of power might take up to 1 month.

Evacuation of stranded tourists continue. For an update on this and thee hotel situation:

Movistar offers free calls and messages to BCS

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