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Día Mundial del Teatro

Sat Mar 25, 2017 - 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM
Free entrance


Arts, Culture, Performing Arts (Theater, Other)

Pabellón cultural de la republica

Blvd Marina
Cabo San Lucas, Baja California Sur

Free admission

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 Activity / Theatre Group / Audience type / Genre

4:00 pm- Big Bard Circus / LaCirco, Directors: Sara Flores, Jeremy, Le Guen / Teenager-Family / theatrical Circus Show

4·30 pm- ¨Payasadas del Oeste¨ / Mascaras Dir. Richard Gil Pinzón /  Teenager-Family / Comedy

5:00 pm- Interactive activities / Henry López: Corporal experience, Emmanuel Novelo: Dynamic of how to use energy, Angie Ulloa: ¨La escoba¨ Creativity dynamic  / All kind of public / Didactic

5:45 pm- BREAK

Teatro Amateur
6:30 pm- 1. ¨Más fuerte que no oye¨ / Becarios BBF-Tespis: Dir.Angie Ulloa / Teenager-Family / Sarcastic comedy 

7:00 pm- 2. ¨El despertar¨ Monologue (fragment) / Yunni Cervantes / Teenager-Family / Tragicomedia

7:30 pm- Theater production (fragment) ¨Cleotilde y Matildashan¨/ Municipally workshop from the theater of Los Cabos (TTEA) Dir.Francisco Jesús Barragán / Teenagers/ Comedy

8:00 pm- Theater production ¨Fragmentos¨ / Vanguard Dir. Antonio Vargas / Teenagers-Adults / Tragic piece

8:30 pm- Theater production (fragment) ¨Cosas de Muchcachos¨ / This is not Teather Dir. Emmanuel Novelo / Teenagers-Adults / Melodrama

9:00 pm- Theater production ¨Por Favor¨ / Tespis Dir.Angélica Ulloa / Teenagers-Adults / Theatrical piece

9:30 pm- Theater production (fragment) ¨Divorciadas¨/ Caleido Dir. Richard Gil Pinzón / Adults / Show Karaoke Cabaret

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