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To Live - La Paz- Odin Dupeyron

Wed Sep 12, 2018 - 8:00 PM to 10:00 PM
"To live!" teaches us through the character of Marciano, that life is too short to start living too late. Read full synopsis: https


Arts, Culture, Performing Arts (Theater)

Teatro de la Ciudad

Ignacio Manuel Altamirano, Zona Central, 23000 La Paz, B.C.S.
La Paz, Baja California Sur

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"To live!" teaches us through the character of Marciano, that life is too short to start living too late.

Read full synopsis:

To live! he tells us about Marciano who has just finished a course of self-improvement and is giving the final testimony of his transformation, which he has achieved thanks to the courses given by Dr. Augusto, but just when Marciano thought that he had stopped questioning everything and that he had finally achieved the acceptance of others, without wanting to really make a trip inside to take a walk through his memories, some nice and funny and others ... deeply painful.
Martian represents the desire of a child who tries to understand his parents; the anguish of a teenager who wants to be accepted, the frustration of a young man that is not what others expect; the persistent search for a man to find himself to make his own decisions, and the incessant struggle of an adult to forgive his parents and to free himself at the end of his past.
After an intense journey that takes the spectator from laughter to tears and from there to laughter again, Marciano only has to question himself, if they accept him for what he is not ... it is really what he wants.
It is a work written, performed and directed by Odin Dupeyron in which he invites us to re discover life, to begin to live it for real; It is a work that shows us that the real problem of life is not that it ends, but that we started to live it too late.
In 2016 Odin kicks off with great success the "Tenth Anniversary Tour" of ¡A Vivir! and celebrates these 10 years of uninterrupted performances along with all those who have joined as friends, as public or as collaborators to this much-loved project in the Colossus of Reformation, the National Auditorium .
This monologue has been seen by thousands of people, causing great impact on people of all ages.
"From his humanity and talent, Odin Dupeyron gives a chair on how to hold a monologue with great virtue and that the magic of the theater leads all his guests to believe that what he is watching really happened as he says. It is fair to say and warn that the work is not for anyone, much less for all ages, the message can be really simple but condensed in a way so complex and hard, that few can assimilate without being offended or injured. We insist, then, that ¡A vivir! Is not a monologue-comedy but that it makes us have a good time, it is an excellent reflection on human behavior and its behavior in society, in which, in a humble way, it repeats the truths that we have all said before: We have forgotten to live! Now, we do not invite you to judge the person or the actor, we invite you to come as listeners with the most open mind possible and you will discover the succulent delicacy that is to look at Odin, two hours on a stage. " Image Society gives you a great confidence vote.

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