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Sat Nov 24, 2018 - 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM
As part of the program 'Performing Arts in the municipalities', the work is presented: María Amatzontli, Hair of Paper, winning work of the last Exhibition Estata


Arts, Culture, Performing Arts (Theater)

Plaza Mijares

Plaza Mijares
San Jose del Cabo, Baja California Sur

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As part of the program 'Performing arts in the municipalities' the work is presented: María Amatzontli, Hair of paper, or winning bra   of the last State Sample   of Teatro 2018, Baja California Sur.

María Amatzontli: hair of paper

Group Scenic Group
Author and direction and dramaturgy Calafia Piña Juárez

María Amatzontli is a woman who has been migrating from the south of the country to reach tomato sauce. Of indigenous lineage, she tells us how she came to this place in the Mexican northwest; why it is here and finally where is it going Understanding that its transit, is to redeem its history and that of other women.

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