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Sat Feb 02, 2019 - 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM
QUIJOTE, VICTOR OF ITSELF By Mónica Hoth and Claudio Valdés Kuri Direction Claudio Valdés Kuri With Rodrigo Carrillo Tripp "Winner of himself, the greatest winner


Arts, Culture, Performing Arts (Theater)

Teatro de la Ciudad

Ignacio Manuel Altamirano, Zona Central, 23000 La Paz, B.C.S.
La Paz, Baja California Sur

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From Mónica Hoth and Claudio Valdés Kuri
Address Claudio Valdés Kuri
With Rodrigo Carrillo Tripp

"Winner of himself, the greatest expiration to desire can be"
The Quijote

On the occasion of the 400th death anniversary of Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra, Teatro de Ciertos Habitantes was commissioned by the International Cervantino Festival to create the show "Quixote, winner of himself".
Through a playful montage, full of humor and lucidity, Don Quixote uses the evocative power of the book as a means of transport, which, opened at random, leads the audience to fascinating episodes of the imaginary of the masterpiece of the Spanish language. The famous gentleman, an unparalleled example of humanity to go beyond himself, inspires the audience with courage to achieve their noblest desires.

"If you do not try, how are you going to achieve it?"
Carlos Fuentes (in relation to Quijote)


Don Quixote de la Mancha has remained alive since it was conceived by Cervantes until our days. It asks if it has a life of its own or is an invention of its author. In the company of a young spectator, the ingenious knight-errant will be involved in a maelstrom of Cervantes and contemporary stories in which he will go after his greatest enemy, the sorcerer Festón, who has now become the Giant of Apathy that crushes the yearnings of the public.
Through the theater of objects and a virtuous acting performance. Quijote, winner of himself presents a bold, funny and moving adventure, in which the spectators become an essential part of the staging that will lead them to rediscover the joy of reading, to find new meanings about failure and recover the yearnings for the common good.

With Rodrigo Carrillo Tripp
Xóchitl Galindres

Address Claudio Valdés Kuri
Counseling in movement Alicia Sánchez and Irene Akiko
Lighting design Sebastián Solórzano
Costume design Ximena Fernández
Production Josafat Aguilar Rodríguez
General Coordination Fabrina Melón


Scenic artist.


He began his career in 1990 when he joined the Theater Company of Ensenada and the Theater Workshop of the Autonomous University of Baja California, where he participated in outstanding productions that represented the state on multiple occasions in national and international festivals.

He resided in the city of Xalapa between 1999 and 2010, where he studied the Bachelor in Theater and the Master in Mexican Literature at the Universidad Veracruzana. In that city, he worked in different shows under the direction of the renowned maestro Abraham Oceransky.

In 2004 he founds ASTILLA TEATRO, a company that opens its own theatrical venue in the center of the city of Xalapa, with capacity for 85 people and that worked for eight years, where dozens of shows of groups from different parts of the country were presented, and It also served as a theater training center where multiple theater and dance workshops were held.

As stage director has created several shows among which Justine and Juliette, the Marquis de Sade, Hour of the Wolf, Ingmar Bergman, Cathars, collective dramaturgy, Crínocas Marcianas, Ray Bradbury, among others.

In 2012 he joined the prestigious company Teatro de Ciertos Habitantes in Mexico City, with which he has collaborated as an assistant director, musician and actor in productions such as La Vida es Sueño, No Soy Facaso and Artaud en Mil Pieces under the address of the teacher Claudio Valdés Kuri.

He works as a teacher from 2012 to 2018 in the Institute of Arts of the UAEH Imparting various subjects in the Bachelor of Dramatic Arts. In this university he creates the Teatro La Purísima, in the center of the city of Pachuca, with a capacity for 90 spectators.





Teatro de Ciertos Habitantes, founded in 1997, is a Mexican company that has received wide recognition nationally and internationally thanks to its assemblies Becket or the honor of God, monsters and wonders, The gray car, Where will I be tonight? , The Skin, The Rooster, Still ... Always, Life is dream, I am not a failure, Artaud in a thousand pieces and Low the Voice. In more than two decades he has produced select works, due to the care and long processes of research and creation carried out. The great quality of each one of its stagings has made its director, Claudio Valdés Kuri, and the company, worthy of multiple awards in Mexico and abroad.

Theater of Certain Inhabitants has been presented in important festivals of the five continents: International Festival Cervantino (Guanajuato), Festival of Mexico in the Historical Center, Kunsten Festival des Arts (Brussels), Wiener Festwochen (Vienna), Hebbel am Ufer (Berlin) , Kampnagel (Hamburg), Holland Festival (Amsterdam), Mess Festival (Sarajevo), Laznia Nowa (Krakow), Grec Festival (Barcelona), Ibero-American Festival of Cadiz Theater, Melbourne Festival, Festival of Arts (Singapore), Expo -Aichi (Nagoya), National Theater (Cairo), Radio Algeria (Algiers), Ibero-American Theater Festival of Bogotá, Manizales International Theater Festival, Santiago a Mil International Festival (Santiago de Chile), Mirada Iberoamerican Festival of Performing Arts (Santos), Riocenacontemporanea Festival (Rio de Janeiro), Buenos Aires International Festival, Mercosur International Theater Festival (Córdoba), International Theater Festival (Caracas), among others. In the United States he has made several tours in the main forums, such as: The Lincoln Center (New York), The Kennedy Center (Washington DC), Redcat (Los Angeles), The Goodman Theater (Chicago), Time-Based Art Festival ( Portland), Yerba Buena Performing Arts Center (San Francisco), among others. He has also made long theatrical seasons with sold out locations in Mexico City. Thanks to the interdisciplinary conformation of the members, Teatro de Ciertos Habitantes has produced films, television programs, books, radio series and recordings.

Theater of Certain Inhabitants works with simple principles, which produce extensive consequences. Each assembly is addressed with specific risks and questions. We consider change as the primary tool for the development of the artistic spirit. This research is focused on each assembly to avoid repeating previous models and findings to the maximum. At the same time, he cultivates the polish, through long gestation processes, nourished by accumulated experience in management, production, creative team and interpreters. We dedicate ourselves to the fact that the scenic work falls absolutely on a multidisciplinary artist, actor-musician-dancer, in the use of his faculties to his full capacity.

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