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Augusta Ada King, Countess of Lovelace (London, December 10, 1815-íd., November 27, 1852), recorded at birth as Augusta Ada Byron and known


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Ignacio Zaragoza, centro
Ciudad Constitucion, Baja California Sur

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Augusta Ada King, Countess of Lovelace ( London , October to December of 1815 - you go . , 27 of November of 1852 ), registered at birth as Augusta Ada Byron and commonly known as Ada Lovelace was a mathematics , computer science and writer British, celebrated especially for his work on Charles Babbage's general-purpose calculator , the so-called analytical machine . Among his notes on the machine, it is what is now recognized as the first algorithm intended to be processed by a machine, so it is considered as the first programmer of computers . He deduced and foresaw the ability of computers to go beyond simple number calculations, while others, including Babbage himself, focused solely on these capabilities. His mother, Anne Isabella Noel Byron , was a mathematician and political and social activist . His father was the well-known poet George Byron .

Her social position and her education led her to meet important scientists such as Andrew Crosse , Sir David Brewster , Charles Wheatstone , Michael Faraday and the novelist Charles Dickens , relationships that took advantage to go further in their education. Among these relationships is Mary Somerville , who was her tutor for a while, as well as a friend and intellectual stimulus. 7 Ada Byron referred to herself as a scientific poet and analyst (and metaphysician).


At an early age, her mathematical talent led her to a prolonged friendship relationship with the English mathematician Charles Babbage, and specifically with Babbage's work on the analytic machine. Between 1842 and 1843, he translated an article by the Italian military engineer Luigi Menabrea about the machine, which he complemented with a large set of own notes, called simply Notes . These notes contain what is considered the first computer program, that is, an encoded algorithm for a machine to process it. Lovelace's notes are important in the history of computing .

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