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Sat Feb 09, 2019 - 9:00 AM
To Sat Feb 16, 2019 - 11:55 PM
WHAT IS THE CABOHOLIC CONVENTION? Once a year, since 2012, members of the Caboholic Support Group have gotten together in Cabo for a week of fun with friends, w


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Marina San Lucas

Paseo de la Marina
Cabo San Lucas, Baja California Sur

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Once a year, since 2012, members of the Caboholic Support Group have gotten together in Cabo for a week of fun with friends, while fundraising and showing our appreciation to all the businesses that go out of their way to make our visits so precious and memorable.

It's grown quite a bit since our first "convention", when we had about 30 or 40 people fly in to show our support during a time when the economy was not doing too well and there was so much negative news about traveling to Mexico. Many of our friends who lived here were having a difficult time just making a living. Businesses were suffering and many closed down. 

Our little convention was to show these people that "we" would continue to support them and encourage others to do so as well. We would voice our feelings about how safe or dangerous Cabo really was. 

In addition to coming down and having the time of our lives, we decided that we'd do something to "Give Back" to the community. At the time, there were quite a few organizations helping with the families and kids, but not much help for the animal shelters. We also learned that the wonderful men and women who serve as volunteer firefighters and paramedics were working with so little. Our first convention, we raised about $458.00 to give back. Doesn't sound like much, but remember .... there were only about 30 or 40 people attending. Since then, , we've grown to a group of over 12,000 people.

So ... we do it because we love this magical place, we love the people, the land, the sea, and animals. We do it to show our support and encourage others to visit so that businesses will flourish and our friends here can earn a decent living. We do it so that a few more unwanted animals will be cared for and find loving homes. We do so that the volunteeer firefighters can perhaps get a few pieces of much needed equipment. We do it because we can and because we sincerly care.

We schedule a few group activities keeping in mind that Caboholics come from all walks of life, so we try and keep the cost of the activities as budget friendly as possible for all. 

There are quite a few different activities and events set up that everyone is welcome to participate in ... but no one is expected to do them all. It is a vacation after all, and one must take the time to relax and do "nothing" at times.

We also encourage everyone to get together with other Caboholics to set up activities that are not on the "schedule". If you need help or additional information, Angel at the Caboholic Store is familiar with tours and activities and is set up to pass on some great Caboholic Discounts for just about any activity you can think of.

We'll be lining up the week's activities early this year!
Pool Party / Beach Party
Welcome Party
Firetruck Party
Snorkel / Booze Cruise
Cantina Crawl
Dinner Night will be replaced by Caboholic Cocktail Competition
Pontoon Party
Visits to: El Ranchito, Feeding Los Cabos Kids, The Senior Center, 
The Volunteer Fire Department
White Elephant Gift Exchange
Find your Match game

All updates will be posted on this event page!

Register and get tickets at this link -

Let the countdown begin!

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