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Los Cabos Music Festival

Sat Jun 22, 2019 - 5:00 PM to 11:55 PM
The Los Cabos Music Festival celebrates eleven years of life and has already become an emblematic event and tradition for Los Cabos.


Music (Folkloric / Traditional Mexican, Troba - Boheme, Banda - nortena, Latin - Salsa/ Merengue/ Cumbia, Rock-pop, Dance/Electronic/Transe, Country and Folk, Reggae, Rap, Hip-Hop, R&B, Jazz & Blues, Ethnic - World Music, New Age and Spiritual, Classical / Opera, Other, Mariachi, Rock en Espanol, Hardrock/Metal, Chant, Instrumental)

Plaza Mijares

Plaza Mijares
San Jose del Cabo, Baja California Sur

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11th edition of the Los Cabos Music Festival on Saturday June 22, 2019 with more than 100 musical proposals in 20 stages and star artist:  Celso Piña y su Ronda Bogotá

Celso Piña (El Rebelde del Acordeón) is a Mexican singer, composer, arranger and accordionist of the genre of cumbia. Celso Piña is a pioneer in the mixing or fusion of tropical sounds as a base, combining them with all kinds of popular genres from norteños, to sonidero, ska, reggae, rap, hip-hop, among others.

Celso Piña official website:


The musical program includes the participation of more than 100 musical projects, which highlights the participation of 10 national bands and more than 60 state and local bands.


In the festival will participate:

From CDMX: Rebel Ryder, Glass Cristina, José Riaza

Toluca: Cronomad

From Guadalajara: Color Hermano, Charly, Electric Motions, Adrián Alburez

Mexicali and Monterrey: Cumbia Catrina

Ensenada: Boulevard Lights

La Paz: Yolyo, Obra Negra, Zombie Realm, Karkage, Por nuestras viudas, Malnacidos, Mexican Weirdos

Pescadero: Tan Lines

Cabo San Lucas: The Sippers, Estilo Inigualable, Panic Switch,  Los Chales de la Tía, Paloma Cristina

San José del Cabo: Billy Calavera, The Jonkies, Dinesh, Back in Time, The Closers, Javier Aguilar, D latin Jey, Calle S/N, Los Cimarrones de la Sierra Club Pagano, Izahí & the Cabo Life Band, The Hightides, Sabina, Karla Kassaneth, La Circo, Percusión Limanya

Bahía Beat, Juana Machete, Wirikuta

y más…


Below you will find links to their websites or Facebook pages with music videos:

Glass Cristina , Adrian Alburez, Rebel Ryder, Pargazz , Sabina , Tan Lines , Cronomad, Percusion Limanya, Color Hermano , Electric Motions , Yolyo, José Riaza , Izahí & The Cabo Life Band, Kumbia Katrina, Billy Calavera, Dinesh, Javier Aguilar , The Sippers, Paloma Cristina , Boulevard lights , Fernando Badillo , The Jonkies, Back in Time , The Closers, D Latin Jey, Calle S/N, Los Cimarrones de la Sierra, Club Pagano , The Hightides, Panic Switch, Estilo Inigualable , Los Chales de la Tía, Karla Kassaneth, La Circo , Bahía Beat , Obra Negra, Zombie Realm, Karkage, Por nuestras viudas, Malnacidos, Mexican Weirdos.


Promotora Cultural Vivarte AC is proud to announce the date of the next Los Cabos Music Festival, considered one of the most anticipated cultural events by residents and tourists, to be held on Saturday, June 22 of this year. This festival organized by Promotora Cultural Vivarte AC, with the support of the XIII Los Cabos City Council, has grown to become an iconic event and tradition in Los Cabos, which is about to celebrate 11 years.

The Los Cabos Music Festival celebrates eleven years of life and has already become an emblematic event and tradition for Los Cabos. Today, this festival is a national and international platform for musical talent in the region and is part of the agenda of cultural events that project to the tourist destination.

The calls for scenarios, artists, volunteers and sponsors will be open from now on, so all interested parties are invited to register on the website: and on our social networks https: //www.facebook .com / FiestaDeLaMusicaLC

Instagram: @fdmloscabos

We will be reporting more details when the musical proposals are formalized.

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The Festival of Music (La Fête de la Musique)

Festival of Music (the F e te de la Musique) is an event that started in France in 1982 as a government initiative to celebrate music and its performers.

To date this festival has been adopted by the five continents and is currently celebrated in more than 120 countries and 700 cities, becoming "The International Day of Music".

In San José del Cabo we have adopted the concept of this festival since 2009 to gather, like the rest of the world, amateur musicians and professionals every summer solstice.


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