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XVI October Moon 2019 Literary Meeting

Thu Oct 24, 2019 - 6:00 PM
To Sat Oct 26, 2019 - 8:00 PM
Program XVI Literary Meeting Lunas de Octubre- 2019 Pre-Luneo Wednesday 23. Patricia Mendoza Art Gallery 18:00 hours.- Editorial presentation / Poetry. Partic

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Pabellón cultural de la republica

Blvd Marina
Cabo San Lucas, Baja California Sur

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Program XVI Literary Meeting Lunas de Octubre- 2019
Pre- Luneo
Wednesday 23. Patricia Mendoza Art Gallery
6:00 pm.- Editorial presentation / Poetry. Participants: Tiger tail , comments by Anja Aguilera and Miguel Reinoso. Moderator : Paloma Vergara.
19:00 hours.- Editorial presentation / Talk. Publications the Historical Archive Pablo L. Martínez. Participants: Peninsular Chronicles of Baja California. Nostalgia de frontera , by Edmundo Lizardi; About the name California, Carlos Lazcano Sahagún . Moderator: Luis Domínguez Bareño .
20:00 hours.-Editorial presentation . Participate : Alcohol and creation of Carlos Martínez Rentería and Eduardo Escoto. Moderator : JM Servin.
Thursday 24. Cultural Pavilion of the Republic. Lobby of the Cinema Hall
4:45 pm.- Welcome / Inauguration to the Meeting. Presence of Culture authorities.
5:00 pm.- Inaugural talk-conference: See you forever, Enrique. Tribute to Enrique Servín.
17:30 hours.- Analysis table. Women, feminism and literature. Participants: Valeria Robles (Los Cabos), Women in literature ; and Jaqueline Colin, Clarice Lispector: a way of sustaining the world . Moderator : Karla Karina Sotelo.
18:00 hours.-Editorial presentation. Participants: Maná , State Prize for Novel City of La Paz 2018, by René Holmos. Comments from: Father Jorge Ramírez, Juan Pablo Rochín and the author. Moderator: Alfonso Winston.
19:10 hours.- Editorial presentation. Participate: Foolish delivery of Xavier Velasco.
18:00 hours.- Analysis table. Participants: Arturo Hernández Villalba (BCS), The narrative through the artifact of the poem ; and Juan José Reyes, The search for the Mexican. The Hyperion group generation (CDMX). Moderator : Ernestina Yépiz.
6:30 pm.- Editorial presentation. Journals. Participants: Helmsman by Julio César Félix Lerma (Torreón); The Papers of Mancuspia , by Fernando Elizondo (Monterrey); Generation Magazine , by Carlos Martínez Rentería and Emiliano Escoto. Moderator : Elizabeth Bastida.
Friday 25. Autonomous University of Baja California Sur, Cabo San Lucas campus.
9:00 am.- Editorial presentation. Participants: The reading in Mexico of Dulce Anyra Cota Salazar (La Paz), comments of the author; and The treasure of Chuchupate (Los Cabos) by María de Jesús Ceseña, comments by Marcos de Jesús Roldán. Moderator : Elizabeth Bastida.
9:40 am.- Editorial presentation. Participants: Ucronías / The complicity of the smoke of Roberto Castillo Udiarte (Tijuana ); Prét-à-porter. Chronicles tailored to Gerson Gómez Salas. Moderator : Marcos de Jesús Roldán.
10:00 am.- Children's Editorial Presentation (Album Book). Participate: Hortensia, a phenomenal chick by Sofía Chiquetts and Captain Constantino Urrutia (Illustrator).
10:40 hours.- Children's editorial presentation. Participate: The flower and the Nahual. Sample of sinaloense children's literature , comments by Claudia Islas, Ernestina Yépiz. Dramatized reading by Nixania Barragan.
11:30 am.- Analysis table. Cinema and literature Participants: Marcos de Jesús Roldán and Lluvia Walkinshaw. Moderator : Anja Aguilera.
Lobby of the Cinema Hall
11:30 am.- Reading / Narrative Table. Participants: Armando Alanís Canales (CDMX), Gabriel Vázquez (BCS), Roberto Galindo (CDMX), Bruno Lojero (BCS), Sofía Chiquetts (Jalisco) and José Luis Domínguez (Chihuahua). Moderator : Sofia Cham.
12:30 pm.- Editorial presentation. Participants: Vitapista by Fernando Elizondo, comments by Luis Aguilar; and Monterrey Pop. Incombustibles Chronicles , by Gerson Gómez Salas, comments by JM Servín. Moderator : Arturo Hernández Villalba.
13:15 hours.- Analysis and debate table. Women, feminism and literature. Participants: Alinne Rivas (Los Cabos), Sofía Cham (Guadalajara) and Rosa Elena Becerra (Los Cabos). Moderator : Nora Lizet Castillo.
14:00 BREAK
Cultural Pavilion of the Republic. Lobby of the Cinema Hall.
4:30 pm.- Editorial presentation. COBACH Story Contest Anthology. Participate:
17:40 hours.- Analysis table. Cinema and literature Participants: Alfonso Winston and Salvador Alvarado. Moderator : Fernando Elizondo.
6:30 pm.- Reading / Poetry Table. Participate: Poetic Slam Contest by the Pericú League. Out loud reading. The SLAM poetry is a poetry contest out loud, open call to the general public and free technique, based on the following rules:
- Own texts
- You can only use the body and voice.
- 3 minutes maximum
Registration and further reports at
17:30 hours.- Editorial presentation / Poetry. Participants: Break in the case of Mónica Morales Rocha (Tijuana); and The disorder of the waves of Norma Frida Roffe (Monterrey). Moderator : Alejandra Torres.
6:30 pm.- Editorial presentation / Narrative. Participants: Manita, do not marry Guadalupe Nuño (La Paz), comments by Ana Ross and the author; and El Paloma Sanlúcar's dream of Ernestina Yépiz (Culiacán), comments by Marisabel Macías and the author. Moderator : Claudia Islands.
19:00 hours.- Talk / Presentation. Women in the literature. Participate: Collection Overflowing the canon of the Diana Morán Literary Theory and Critical Workshop, by Luz María Becerra. Moderator : Karla Marina Sotelo.
19:35 hours.- Analysis table. Women, feminism and literature. Participants: Gabriela Lira (CDMX), Marisabel Macías (Los Mochis), Karla Karina Sotelo (La Paz). Moderator : Calafia Pozo.
Saturday 26 . Cultural Pavilion of Cabo San Lucas. Foyer of the Theater.
10:00 am.- Reading Table. Participants: Workshop Isla de Letras. Todos Santos literary workshop: Felipe Rodríguez Lara, Isabel Mariño and González, Daniela Rabiela Alonso, Fernando Javier Salas @TLILCUAUTLI, Juan Diego González, Mariana Fernández Naser and Claudia G. Chávez. Moderator : Anja Aguilera.
10:30 am.- Reading Table. Participants: Lourdes Anguiano (Los Cabos), Mariena Padilla (Guadalajara), Lucía Leyva (Mazatlan) and Rebeca Gutiérrez (Los Cabos). Moderator : Eduardo González.
11:05 hours.- Editorial presentation. BCS independent publishers. Participants: Paquidermo Editorial (La Paz), Myticalifornia by Ernesto Adams Ruiz; and Cartonera Dinosauria (Los Cabos), Memory of the Undead by Gerardo Muñoz. Moderator : Miguel Reinoso.
11:40 hours.- Table of Analysis / Erotic Literature and LGBT. Participants: Luis Aguilar (Monterrey), Marisabel Macías (Los Mochis) and Armando Alanís Canales (CDMX). Moderator : Hugo Servando Sánchez.
12:30 pm.- BOARDING
1:00 p.m. - 3:00 p.m. - Reading / Poetry Table at sea with Catfish Cabo Mar. Participants: Sofía Cham (Guadalajara), Elizabeth Bastida (Guadalajara), Amado Malváez (La Paz), Alba Monroy (La Paz) , Eduardo González (Guadalajara), Arturo Hernández Villalba (La Paz), Julio César Félix Lerma (Torreón), Claudia Islas (CDMX).
3:00 p.m. - BREAK
17:30 hours.- Editorial presentation / Poetry. Participants: It must be November by Luis Aguilar (Monterrey), comments by Claudia Islas (CDMX) and Mariena Padilla (Monterrey) and Contubernio by Alejandra Torres (Chihuahua), Ruby Myers (Chihuahua) and Hugo Servando Sánchez (Chihuahua). Moderator : Enrique Servín.
18:10 hours.- Editorial presentation. Participants: Nothing to forgive : Facinerosas chronicles , by JM Servín (CDMX). Moderator : Gerson Gómez.
19:00 hours.- Analysis Table. Women in the literature. Participants: Roberto Castillo, Blood Orchids; female poets from China, Japan, Viet Nam, Iraq and Pakistan ; and Juan José Reyes, Something about María Elvira Bermúdez . Moderator : Monica Morales Rocha.
19:35 hours.- Editorial presentation table. Participate: The seller of silence of Enrique Serna. Comments by Xavier Velasco.
20:30 hours.- Closing. Music. Dinner.

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