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Whether you live in Baja California Sur or are a frequent visitor, you most likely found out too often after the facts about what is going on down here in our beautiful corner of the world. Time and again, this has been my experience, and I grew so frustrated that I decided to do something about it. Here it is:, a full-featured event management and promotion platform that is a web portal and a mobile application all in one. From now on, all the events in all of Baja California Sur from Guerrero Negro to Los Cabos are just 1 click away from your computer or from your mobile device – smart phone or tablet. is the most complete platform for event-goers and events professionals alike. We even help you manage your private events from baby showers to funerals and all the events in between – birthdays, graduations, posadas, Quinzenadas, weddings, anniversaries, etc. From tables and chairs or silverware, to catering services to sound and lighting, to entertainment, whether you look for fine French cuisine or taco services, a mariachi band, a classical music pianist, a tenor, a clown, a magician or a contortionist, you will find it here in, your full-service event management and promotion service.

As an end user, allows you to:

·         Find out about all of the events in all of Baja California Sur

·         Securely make reservations and purchase tickets either online via Paypal, Credit or Debit cards, or direct bank deposit; or off-line via the Oxxo chain of convenience stores.

·         Download your ticket paperlessly to your mobile device, or print it on your own printer

·         Check in at the event via your paperless mobile ticket or with printed ticket

·         Filter events by category, municipio, city, venue, date range or keywords

·         sign up for alerts via email, SMS or social networks,

·         Set up your profile and personalize your alerts. You can follow event categories, cities, venues, performers, etc.

·         Synchronize your profile with the major social networks such as Facebook, Twitter or Google+

·         Save events and create events wish-lists

·         Invite your friends to your favorite events

·         And much more

Event management can manage all kinds of events, from festivals, conventions or tournaments, to recurring events, concerts, sporting events, educational events,  yoga retreats, and everything in between, as well, of course as all your private events. As an event management or promotion professional, offers you:

·         An efficient dedicated platform to promote and manage all your events via a multiplicity of media: targeted email campaigns, SMS, social networks, Whatsapp, and of course, the website and mobile application.

·         A secure platform to sell tickets to your events, and to manage invitations, reservations and RSVPs

·         A seamless secure ticketing solution from reservation to check-in at the event itself with cutting-edge paperless mobile ticketing technology.

·         A powerful alert system for your prospects and reminder system for your attendees

·         Comprehensive resources to fill all your needs in the preparation of your event: venues, supplies and furniture, catering services, entertainment services, etc.

·         A secure platform to post your request for services, to look for qualified service providers, and to hire and manage sub-contractors and service providers. With our escrow services, monies are released only when preset timelines have been met to your satisfaction.  You can even signup for our dispute management and resolution service with selected event-services providers on an event by event basis or on a monthly or yearly basis.

Event-service provider

Finally, if you are an event-service provider -venue management, catering services, supply and furniture rental, sound, lighting, performer (musician, artist, performer, speaker, etc.) offers you:

·         A unique, dedicated platform to advertise your skills and services

·         Create detailed profiles and portfolios

·         The opportunity to bid on request for services from event managers

·         A secure platform to get hired and paid. You negotiate timelines with your event manager; funds are deposited in our secure escrow account; they are released when timelines are met to both party satisfaction. .  You can even signup for our dispute management and resolution service with selected event-managers on an event by event basis or on a monthly or yearly basis.

·         Get feedback and ratings for previous jobs

To event-goers, event managers and event-service providers, offers the most comprehensive and most advanced event management solution in the world.

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